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Welcome to Mission Critical

Mission Critical is a weekly podcast hosted by Editor-in-Chief Lance Chung that focuses on the shared pursuit of success (however you define it) and, most importantly, the values that drive today’s most inspiring leaders. It’s about the stuff that’s bigger than the bottom line—it’s about purpose and impact. 

Picking up where Bay Street Bull’s print edition leaves off, you’ll be able to hear directly from today’s most respected leaders and distill key learnings that pertain to each person’s area of expertise. From innovative entrepreneurs to cultural game-changers, each episode will introduce you to someone new who is defining their community and redefining the status quo. 

While all of our guests are very different from each other, the question at the end of the day remains the same: what’s your mission? 

Mission Critical will be available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Play, and anywhere you listen to podcasts with new episodes released every Thursday starting October 1st. Listen to the trailer below. 




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E04 Joey Zwillinger (CEO, Allbirds): Should Companies Pay for Their Carbon?

Joey Zwillinger is the CEO and co-founder of Allbirds, a San Francisco-based material innovation company that specializes in making the world’s most comfortable shoes (and now, apparel!) More importantly, they’re a company on a mission to tackle what Joey calls the biggest problem of our lifetime: climate change. In this episode, Joey and Lance talk about sustainability, activism, and whether companies should pay for their pollution. Listen / Show Notes

Mission Critical episode art with black and white photo of Kamran KhanE03 Dr. Kamran Khan (CEO, BlueDot): How Can We Use Artificial Intelligence to Disrupt Infectious Diseases?

Tackling a pandemic like COVID-19 requires lightning-fast agility in order to disseminate critical information to key decision-makers. No one understands this better than Dr. Kamran Khan, epidemiologist and founder of BlueDot, a Toronto-based social enterprise that harnesses artificial intelligence as an early warning detection system for infectious diseases. In today’s episode, Dr. Khan and Lance chat about why he started BlueDot, profit-purpose harmony, and using big data to disrupt disease. Listen / Show Notes

Black and white image of Maitreyi Ramakrishnan with Mission Critical brandingE02 Maitreyi Ramakrishnan (Actor, Never Have I Ever): How Can We Fight for Better Representation in Hollywood?

Mississauga-born Maitreyi Ramakrishnan beat out 15,000 other girls when she landed the lead role of the Netflix original series Never Have I Ever, a groundbreaking show that tells a coming-of-age story focusing on family dynamics, relationships, grief, and friendship through the lens of an Indian-American household. In this episode, Maitreyi chats with Lance about representation, identity, and leadership. Also, what’s Mindy Kaling like as a boss? Listen / Show Notes

Entrepreneur Michele Romanow portrait with podcast logoE01 Michele Romanow (Serial Entrepreneur): How Can Entrepreneurs Help Solve Today’s Toughest Problems?

Michele Romanow is a serial entrepreneur, an investor on Dragons’ Den, and co-founder of the world’s largest e-commerce investment company, Clearbanc. In this episode, Lance and Michele talk about equity and equality, humility, and how entrepreneurship can be a vehicle for solving today’s toughest problems—especially if we work together. Listen / Show Notes