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Quench Your Summer Thirst with These 8 Light, Refreshing Beverages

The wait was long, arduous and kinda unnecessary, but summer is finally here.

With the glory of the sun, comes the opening of rooftops and patios as the city collectively lets out a sigh and breathes in a wonderful summer breeze. There’s no better way to celebrate the coming of a season of heat and sunshine than by cracking open a cool, refreshing summer beverage. From your favourite patio beer with an added slice of citrusy greatness to a beer crafted from reborn bread to a farm-fresh apple cider — we rounded up our favourite new summer beverages for you to enjoy this weekend and all summer long.


Truly Spiked and Sparking Rosé

Truly Spiked and Sparkling Rosé is everything you love about rosé wine minus the extra calories and sugar. The spiked seltzer is an ideal summer replacement for sugary cocktails to keep you light on your feet all day long. Only 100 calories and 5% ABV, the beverage comes in a range of flavours but the bubbly and delicately sweet rosé is our favourite so far. $2.90 per can at LCBO

Been A Slice

While most present day beers feature wheat, not many are made from leftover bread. Even fewer are used to support charities like Second Harvest, an organization that reduces unnecessary waste and donates millions of pounds of fresh and healthy perishable foods to those in need. While the beer is enjoyable on a purely surface level, Been A Slice, uses smart marketing (think Jesus references and bread puns) and a novel idea to also bring success to Second Harvest. Now available in The Beer Store and LCBO in Ontario, the company gives bread (and carbs) a second chance at life. $2.95 per can at LCBO

Strongbow Rosé Apple

Combining patio favourites rosé and cider in one can was a stroke of genius. With a light pink hue, and flavours of red-fleshed apple, flower and berry, the Strongbow Rosé Apple is basically synonymous with summer. Enjoy with your summer grilling. $3.05 per can at LCBO

Miller Lite

Over 40 years ago, Miller released the original Lite, one of the first ever light beers that didn't compromise the flavour profile. Based on a centuries-old pilsner recipe, the hop-forward beer has a distinct golden hue. Created with simple ingredients (barley malt, water, yeast, corn syrup, hops, hop extract) the Miller Lite is 90 calories. $2.80 per can at LCBO

Coors Slice

What's not to love about the new Coors Slice. It's everything you love about the original with the added extra of refreshing, natural orange zesty flavour. Need we say any more? $2.90 per can at LCBO

Strawberry Grove Sour Ale

Crafted in the Benchlands of the Niagara Escarpment, Bench Brewing is a true reflection of its surroundings. This Ontario sour ale is finished over Tigchelaar Berry Farm-grown Twenty Valley strawberries. $7.50 per can at LCBO.

Tropic Like It's Hop Passionfruit Pale Ale

Everyone's favourite Scottish craft brewery, Innis & Gunn has released a pale ale for the summer, aptly called the "Tropic Like It's Hop." At, 4.4% ABV, the passionfruit pale ale is bursting with a summery, refreshing and juicy flavour that taste just like how a summer vacation should feel, in a can. $3.05 per can at LCBO

Lost Craft Tropical Radler

For the summer, Lost Craft collaborated with founder of Fresh Restaurants and Canadian juice pioneer, Ruth Tal, to develop this Tropical Radler, a blend of the brewery's award-winning Revivale Lagered Ale with all natural organic fruit juices. Tal and Lost Craft founder Shehan De Silva first met over two years ago at Fresh's Queen Street West location in Toronto's Trinity Bellwoods neighbourhood. Almost immediately De Silva mentioned that he wanted to collaborate on a radler. Tal responded, "What's a radler?" Two years later, his dream project become a reality and was launched to the public and media at the very same Fresh Restaurant location. $3.25 per can at LCBO