The #LetsTalkBalls Campaign Made These Hilarious Videos to Increase Awareness of Testicular Cancer

#letstalkballs testicular cancer canada

It’s hard to talk about balls. But Testicular Cancer Canada, in partnership with creative agency Giants & Gentlemen, want to change that.

Testicular cancer affects young men ages 15-to-29 years old, and while it’s a somewhat embarrassing subject, the #LetsTalkBalls highlights how important it is to get rid of the taboo surrounding the disease.

Patients have a 97% survival rate if testicular cancer is detected early, according to Testicular Cancer Canada (TCC).

“Testicular cancer is the most common form of cancer for young men, and there are very few resources available to Canadians about this disease. The first way to prevent negative impacts on mental health and to save lives is to de-stigmatize the situation for these young men,” says TCC’s Executive Director Alex Desy. 

Creative agency Giants & Gentlemen came up with the idea of the creating a personified testicle duo to get the conversation started. They humourously reflect on the fact that they’re constantly ignored and taken for granted, while giving helpful advice to young men about what to feel for when checking themselves.

Watch the video here: