Meditation and Extra Baggage: Travel Tips From Our Panel of Experts


In our ongoing series, we ask our panel of experts what advice they can offer on a given topic. This issue: travel tips.

Nicole Verkindt; CEO, OMX

“Traveling is a constant way of life for me, so working on the road is a must. Because the company that I run is a web-based supply chain platform, I have to use digital technologies to manage my documents, data, and everything else that I’m doing. [For me], I always fly the same airline to maximize points, and use Nexus to bypass lines. I never check a bag and pack only one range of colours and running shoes.” –

Mijune Pak; Top Chef Canada judge

“I don’t pack light, so my advice is to pack a suitcase in a suitcase if you plan to bring things home, which I always do. [I always] leave a couple universal adaptors in my luggage so I won’t forget, and if it’s a really short trip, I use a contact lense case for face creams, which seal well. On long hauls, setting spray and dry shampoo are your best friends. I also take photos of my passport and cards, and store them safely on my computer in case something happens.”

Ela Aldorsson; co-founder, Ela Handbags

“In the last year or so I have started to meditate on flights, even if only for a couple minutes, to turn off the surrounding noise and my racing thoughts, which can really clear the head. On longer flights I also pack my own meal and snacks, and drink plenty of water. Having good food on a flight is a real game changer for me, especially when it comes to fatigue upon arrival. Lastly, especially when I am rundown and have to travel, I use essential oils, like ginger or oregano. They come in tiny little bottles but are incredible for nausea or a sore throat. There are times that I also will rub a tiny bit under my nose when there are sick people around me on a flight.”