How It’s Made: Breitling’s Chronomat

Iconic Innovation: It is important to know where things come from. To understand a product’s origins, and how it arrives in our hands, is to place value in what we own. In our ongoing series, we highlight the people and processes that help bring to life some of today’s most revered items. Consider it a backstage look at what it takes to craft something truly exceptional.

The Report: Smart Home

 Home automation is the new normal in real estate. Everyone from developers to homeowners have tried their hands at least a few smart accessories. The easiness of installation and integration into their homes is why automation is winning the world over, one wireless door lock at a time.

The Men’s Directory

Where once there was a time when finding quality menswear in Canada was a rarity, such circumstances are now a thing of the past. Whether you prefer a department store with an endless array of options or the intimacy of a small boutique, the options are there for you.