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Written by Ross Dias

Gone are the days where  woody, musky scents were exclusively designated for men and floral, fruity tones for women. The grass is usually greener on the other side and so are the fragrances. So, instead of sneaking a spritz of your partner’s fragrance, why not experiment with some of these summer-ready selections.

Calvin Klein CK2:


The original unisex fragrance, CK One from Calvin Klein was one of the first in the fashion industry to champion the unification of the sexes into one scent. 21 years later, Calvin Klein follows up with it’s second iteration of the 1994 gender-free classic. The new scent focuses on fluidity and balancing two varying forces with wasabi, mandarin orange and violet left as top notes.

Tom Ford Neroli Portofino:


The Neroli Portofino is refreshing wave of freshness that is bottles the relaxed simplicity of a summer on the mediterranean. Neroli, an extract from inedible bitter orange blends seamlessly with citrus notes like mandarin orange and lemon which makes it sweet but with an undercurrent of metallic aroma making it ideal for the fluidity between the genders.

Escentric Molecules Molecule 02:


Escentric Molecules is a niche perfumery that focuses on synthesizing exceptional aroma-molecules. The company has isolated Ambroxan for it’s subtle sensuality with a mineral-like quality. The beauty of Molecule 02 is most forthcoming in the freshness of its super long lasting drydown amplifying the notes with a green jasmine bud and a gin and tonic accord.

Hugo Boss Bottled Oud:


Agarwood or oud form when the Aquilaria tree in in Southeast Asia is infected with mould. The normally scentless, light and pale wood secretes a dark resin to fight off the mould which leads to oud’s dark aroma. Ideal for summer nights, the opulent scent also features notes of citrus, sandalwood and apple which perfectly balances the scent for every gender.

Yves Saint Laurent Tuxedo:


In November 2015, Yves Saint Laurent released Le Vestiaire de Parfum as a new collection of perfumes inspired by iconic clothing from YSL. With base notes of patchouli and spices, Tuxedo is topped off with violet leaf, coriander and bergamot.