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Pitcher of the Week: Marrakesh Mocktail


It hasn't been the best so far, weather-wise, but that's all going to change with this Teapigs. mocktail. Serve it up in a pitcher with cubed iced for optimal summer fun! 

Here's how to make the ridiculously citrus-y Marrakech mocktail: 


15 oz. teapigs

Marrakesh green tea with peppermint (4 tea temples) (chilled)

5 oz. Apple juice

2 ½ oz. Fresh lemon juice

2½ oz. Simple syrup

9 dashes pineapple & star anise bitters

Top with soda water to your liking


Strawberry slice, pineapple piece, orange slice and mint sprig


Start by brewing some tea. To make the process easier, brew 4 cups of tea with 4 teapigs Marrakesh green tea with peppermint tea temples to ensure you have enough for the recipe. Steep for a bit longer than you would for a cup of tea to make sure the flavour stands out - 10 minutes. Once steeped, remove tea temples and allow to chill. Add all the ingredients, except the soda water, into an ice filled pitcher. Add garnish and stir until all ingredients are mixed. Top with ice and soda water. Pour into a Collins glass to serve.

Recipe developed by FIGO’s head bartender, Brad Gubbins. This recipe serves four.