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Raise a glass of Bombay Sapphire tonight for 'Gin & Tonic Day'

The G&T is so celebrated because, unlike the bitterness of gin or tonic independently, the sum of their parts is anything but. 

It may be International Gin & Tonic Day but give the G&T a rest and focus on elevating the drink with a splash of lemon and some Bombay Sapphire East, which is specifically created to compliment the taste of classic (bottled) tonic, not the tap soda they feed you at the bars.

Even better than the classic Bombay Sapphire, the East features crisp Thai Lemongrass and spicy Vietnamese Black Peppercorn. If you want to take your exploration all the way, replace half of the tonic water with lemonade. 

Try out these two recipes to spice up your G&T, everyday. 

Bombay Sapphire East Gin & Tonic

1.5 parts Bombay Sapphire East Gin

3 parts premium tonic water

Lime wedge

Lemon wedge

Lemongrass sprig (optional)

Method: Build all with cubed ice. Squeeze one lime wedge and add one lemon wedge and a sprig of lemongrass for garnish.


Bombay Sapphire East and Tonic Lemonade

1.5 parts Bombay Sapphire East Gin

1.5 parts premium tonic water

1.5 parts lemonade 

Lemon Wedge 

Method: Build all with cubed ice and garnish with a lemond wedge.