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What to get your clients: The Macallan Rare Cask

For a truly exceptional way to impress your clients, purveyors of fine Scottish whisky, The Macallan, have introduced the Rare Cask to Canada, and disappoint it does not. Created as an ode to the complexity of flavour the brand has long heralded, each bottle is the result of an intense selective process that boils down to the casks from which the Scotch comes from. Each of the 100% sherry casks hail from Spain and are carefully selected by the Master Distiller and his team. It’s an important detail that should be noted, as it is these casks that result in the natural mahogany colour of the whisky (as opposed to others on the market that use a spirit caramel to achieve a similar result.) From a bird’s eye view, these chosen few make up for less than 1% of the total number of casks maturing at the distillery and will never be used again in any Macallan whisky, living up to the rarity that its name so triumphs. $400

Arrow points:

- Aged in 100% sherry oak casks

- No dyes added to achieve colour

- Tasting notes: Milk chocolate, plums, berries, sherry, vanilla